Fur baby from Over the Pond Prances in Pink

www.barkavenuebling.etsy.com/We're thrilled to hear from Bethan in Hampton Court, England. She ordered the pink bling harness for her pup on Etsy and was kind enough to share a pic.
Click for link to Etsy

Blue Bandana’s K9 Classic

Blue bling bandana’s, a K9 classic. Hey y’all Muffin here. I’m wearing a gem encrusted bandana because I love that little extra something it gives me walking down the street, a sparkle, a shimmer. But with a cool down-home vibe!

Animal Print Pizazz

Animal magnetism in a harness. Sophie exudes animal print chic with a touch of glitter. Sophie’s got spirit that can’t be contained. Woof y’all!

Muffin says, Sophie see you at the dog park, superstar!

Label loving Furry Fashionista

Libby and her Labels! This runway worthy yorkie is working a Gucci inspired Bling harness. Girl’s Stylin’!

Muffin says “Libby you are a superstar but quiet please, it’s sleepy time.”

Stylin’ & Ready to Roll

“Piper” is all dressed up and Ready to roll! This yorkie is in a skirted pink harness adorned with crystal gems. She is sporting a yellow arm cast … but she’s so fab she can pull off any fashion challenge. Girl’s Stylin’!!!

Muffin says, I unwrapped all my gifts and no puppy sports car… “Piper” I might need a ride!