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Bark Avenue Bling Investor Branching Out into INVENTOR … New Patented Product –“Mailbox Slide-n-Glide”img_3277-2


Bark Ave Bling Owner turns Inventor

Lawrence “P.I.” Crabtree

Bark Avenue Bling’s investor P.I. Crabtree is an Avid Animal Lover!  He helped rescue Yorkie”Sophie” and “Red” a lab mix,  who was found homeless in Alabama. He welcomed “Red” home to Southern Illinois with open arms.

However, His New adventure involves marking off a major item on his Bucket List … Inventor!

Introducing the “Mailbox Slide-n-Glide” 

Hard to reach letters in your mailbox will be a problem no more!!

The Mailbox Slide-n-Glide is designed to pull those pesky parcels from the back of your mailbox with one fingertip.  So often people have letters that are  Out-Of-Reach. The Mailbox Slide-n-Glide ensures you’ll quickly be able to pull up and pull out your mail from the farthest corners of your mailbox.

The Mailbox Slide-n-Glide is also EARTH FRIENDLY … made from 100% recyclable plastic.

This patented product is available to buy on Etsy.

Click link to “Mailbox Slide-n-Glide’s” ETSY shop.


pi. pat and kenny 1953

P.I. Crabtree Bio:  Master craftsman Crabtree has been working since he was 9 yrs old. Crabtree has overseen construction on everything from family homes to million dollar corporate projects. However, Crabtree always wanted to see one of his own designs patented.

IMG_3437 (2)


 Crabtree and his business partner Jan Jansco were successfully able to Patent the Mailbox Slide-n-Glide.  Crabtree says the  process was challenging but worth the time and money to see the finished product ready for market.

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